Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Overdue update on Temple's first Donation Garden!

We still hope to post some pictures from our National Public Garden's day... but first a quick update on our donation garden!

Located on a 230 square foot plot in the community garden is Temple's donation garden. Growing beans, tomatoes, potatoes, and greens for local food cupboards. Our garden got off to a great start with a group planting on Public Garden's Day and now it's growing well. If you are out in the community garden- just look for the American flag and you will find our small plot.

Our Tomatoes are growing well:

The Potatoes are doing great:

And the beans are.... doing ok:

We are hoping for a great crop with the tomatoes coming in first in just a few weeks. Keep your fingers crossed for a long and pleasant summer! Come back soon for an update on the entire community garden!

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